Data Privacy Software for GDPR And CCPA.

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Get complete control of privacy compliance across hundreds of international data regulations including GDPR and CCPA.

With effortless simplicity Vox Securitas gives you a complete real time view of your entire digital estate via one single interactive dashboard.

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Everything You Need To Be GDPR Compliant

Our GDPR management platform is a complete suite of personalised management tools, training programs and resources designed to ensure your organisation is fully equipped to confidently manage GDPR compliance as a standard, ongoing discipline. So that you remain compliant and stay safe.

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Compliance. The Vox Securitas Way.

Data privacy compliance is becoming ever morechallenging. New regulations are being enactedwhich means the complexity will only grow. Vox was founded by a global cybersecurity expert and a veteran business leader with a mission to make data compliance effortlessly simple and put youin control. Based on considerable research andcustomer feedback, our platform makes the entire process intuitive, clear and transparent.

Product Suppliers & Service Providers

Current privacy regulations mean that you are not only responsible for your own compliance but you must also ensure your entire supply chain is compliant. Vox solves this by giving you a simple view of your network allowing you to quickly identify risks and take action.


For trusted advisors the Vox platform gives you a complete suite of tools that simplifies the entire process and enables you to offer a comprehensive solution. Vox’s automated dashboard provides you with a real time overview of your client’s status, enabling you to deliver proactive and timely advice.

Data Protection Officers & Processors

With the increasing volumes of personal data and the challenges of interpreting new regulations, the compliance role is becoming more demanding and manually intensive. Vox’s automated solution allows you to quickly and effectively bring your data under control.

The Path To Compliance

Our team have extensive experience of human resources, legal and data security and are at hand to work with you from first critical analysis to implementation and beyond.

1. Analysis

Identify all compliance issues, risks and vulnerabilities.

2. Road Map

Build a detailed list of priorities and a map of your critical path.

3. Implementation

Establish key roles, responsibilities and protocols to achieve all tasks.

4. Alignment

Initiate on-boarding program to align the organization an monitor in the real time dashboard.

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